Positive Onion Oil Advanced (563248545) Products
Name Positive Onion Oil Advanced
Code 563248545
Type Standard
Brand India
Category Hair Oil
Price ৳190
Unit Pices (Pcs)
In Stock Yes
Product Details
  • The positive red onion oil advanced is an effective oil for hair which is infused with the nature of not just red onion but 14 essential oil as well as 37 herbs
  • This advanced onion oil is one of the most effective red onion oil for men and women and Has been highly induced with extracts of, aloe vera, amla, basil, burdock root and other herbs and oils for hair
  • The positive - red onion oil advanced improves your hair's quality by penetrating deep inside the scalp, fights with dandruff, controls hair fall and strengthens the roots of the hair follicle
  • No matter which texture your hair is rich in, the positive onion oil for hair is meant for any textured, curly, or straight; thick, coarse, or fine; colour treated or natural hair
  • The positive onion oil advanced is concentrated with 14 essential oils and 37 herbs which have been known through ages for strengthening the scalp from the roots

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